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Cristina Escobar (sometimes also Andrade) is a professional feminist. A rehabilitated English major, Cristina has worked on “women’s issues” for over a dozen years, using her writing, fiscal, organizing, speaking, and other skills to advance social justice.


Cristina regularly appears in the media, serving as an expert on issues ranging from domestic violence to women’s representation in media. As such, she has appeared on a variety of outlets, including:

The Associated Press

Anderson Cooper Live

The Commonwealth Club





and more


Cristina is a sought-after essayist, publishing as a ghostwriter and under her own byline. Check out a selection of her work below and visit Mujeres Problemáticas to keep up with her work.

Having spent over a decade in nonprofits, Cristina knows how to run an organization. She’s stewarded seven figure gifts, crafted multimillion-dollar budgets, and built sustainable programs while doing it.


Cristina has the unique skill of knowing how to get large numbers of people to care about what she cares about -- to the point of taking action. As the Director of Communications at The Representation Project, she stewarded the great expansion of the #AskHerMore campaign, the launch of #RepresentHer, #AskMoreOfHim, and so much more. Prior to that, she used those same skills to help young people build health relationships and avoid abuse.


Challenging red carpet reporters to ask the women of Hollywood about more than their dresses



Making the case that we need our representatives to look like us if we want our needs to be meet

Love is Respect

Love is Respect

Supporting young people in building a lifetime of healthy relationships

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